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Beefing up the Word Assistant with new features!

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Since we launched our content writing and editing tool Word Assistant 4 weeks ago, we have been lucky enough to build a thriving community of passionate writers, bloggers and editors who would love to create their content 10 times faster by removing the research process almost entirely.

Luckily for us, those passionate users were kind enough to let us know the new features which could help us improve the Word Assistant and make it better, more valuable for the community.

We appreciate the feedback, and today, we have just been completed some series of feature rollouts, targeted at addressing your most common requests.

New Features

Without more chit chat, here are the updates

Full content, under one tab

Being able to read key points of the articles without being have to read bunch of articles to see what other people have said about the topic is the main selling point of the Word Assistant. However, as some of you have requested, being able to switch between summarized content and full content that were retrieved from the internet could be a nice productivity hack. Well, here you go, you asked for it, and we built it.

Optimize your content on the go!

On-Page factors are the aspects of a given web page that influence search engine ranking.
Now you can easily on-page optimize your article’s titles, content and improve its engagement both for your visitors, and search engines as you write!
On every new word you type, our algorithm automatically analyzes your content, offers suggestions, makes sure you avoid over optimization and everything is as it should be.
New on-page optimization section under the SEO tab covers so many elements such as title, content, image, link and even density optimization, to name a few!

WordPress Support

You can now transfer the content you wrote to your WordPress site in 3 seconds without being have to giveaway your account credentials or install any third party plugins. Simply click on the “Send to WordPress” button and the whole content you wrote, including links, images, video embeds will be copied to clipboard and the article style will be protected.

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