New Product Updates

Introducing Site Explorer; Have access to deep data that didn't exist before

We know that staying one step ahead of your competition is important, whether you run a side-project, SMB, agency or a large enterprise.

That is why we are constantly listening to your feedback, launching new features, and extending our product base, to provide you with even more data, that helps you gain an edge over your competition.

We are extremely happy to announce that, as of today, we've made it easier to discover where you and your competition stand online.

Traffic & Engagement

Website traffic and engagement data is always one click away.

seotify site explorer
  • Easily explore a website's traffic volume for the past 3 months.
  • Discover its bounce rate, amount of time viewers spend on the site, and their page view numbers per session.
  • Understand the category a web site operates in, and reveal its global Seotify rank.

Visitor Demographics

website traffic demographics

Explore any website's visitor demographics, see their traffic distribution across the globe.

Related sites & Competition

website related sites and competition

Reveal related web sites operating in the same niche as the queried website. You can use this data to explore competitors, market leaders, potential partners, and outreach prospects.

Competitive Heatmap Analysis

ebay heatmap analysis

Its benefit for marketers, online businesses and ecommerce sites is huge, as our first of its kind competitive heatmap analysis solution gives users the ability to explore heatmap data of literally any web page out there, whether it be yours or someone else's.

This makes it possible to reveal how visitors engage with your or your competition's website, and help you optimize, convert and sell better by exploring your competition's methods and strategies.

Most importantly, it requires no plugin installations, Javascript injections or any other boring, unnecessary technical work, that slows down your website.

Query our Site Explorer to get started, or learn more here.

Internal Link Architecture Mapping

website related sites and competition

Internal links help you develop a site architecture, spread link juice amongst your site and make your pages easy to find by search engine crawlers and human visitors. For this reason, having a solid internal link structure is considered as one of the best on-page SEO practices.

website internal link structure analysis

Our new internal link architecture mapping tool helps you visualize, analyse and understand better link structure of any website. Thus, helps you one up other websites by building more relevant structures than your competition.

Learn more here

Traffic Sources

website traffic sources

Explore what pages people visit before landing on your competition's website. You can use this data to invest in high ROI traffic channels and discover new traffic sources in your industry.


website performance

Take a quick look at how a site performs compared to all other website out there.

Keep the ideas coming!

Huge thanks to everyone who used our apps and provided constructive feedback. Our hope is that Site Explorer's technology will save you a lot of time, make you much more productive and make online marketing a bit less complicated. Please keep the feedback coming. We would love to hear from you!

– Team Seotify