New Product Updates

Rolling out 3 new features for the Cognitive Intelligence!

We spent our whole week listening to your feedback and working on new functionalities and improvements, as usual. And I think, you'll love what we've got to show you;

1-Click Emails

If you are managing a group of people, you already know that making sure everyone's on the same page is hard. Things get even more complicated as your team grows bigger, and you start working with non-technical people.

This feature aims to solve communication problems between team members. Okay, but how it helps you?

It allows you to send instructions and emails to your associates with one click, without even leaving the analysis, you could also automatically include a direct access link to the report, in case the recipient would like to research further the project you're working on.

When you're ready, just click on the "1-Click Outreach" button, and an email box will pop up, where you can quickly send an email to anybody.

Media Outreach

This one is made for individuals and agencies who frequently reach out to media for citations.

Type your keyword in Cognitive Intelligence, our little elves living inside your PC will crawl through our biiiiiiig media DB and will return related news articles that have been published in the past 48 hours. Reaching out to those journalists with your comments and story, while the news is still hot and fresh will greatly increase your chances of getting cited.

Featured Snippets

It's the third feature that's been rolled out this week, it gives you SERP's bounce rate, time on page data and helps you optimize your page for the featured snippet.

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