Seotify is looking for a backend developer with a deep understanding of networks, distributed systems, OS fundamentals and taste for simple and efficient architectural designs. Use your extensive knowledge of Python, PHP, and Node.JS to improve our web client, a complex in-browser applications relied upon by thousands of users. You will work with real-time data streams, engineer for performance, and delight people by making the best apps we can imagine. You will collaborate closely with Product, Design, Application Engineering, and QA to spec, build, test and deploy new features. This position reports directly to the CEO.

We're eager to meet all types of engineers, regardless of where you live or what tools you use day-to-day. Your creativity and intelligence are much more important to us than your experience with our stack.

  • Proficiency in Python, PHP and Node.JS
  • You communicate with clarity and precision. We care about this almost as much as your technical ability.
  • You're passionate, even if it's not about analytics. There should be something you know more about than anyone on our team.
  • Experience with Elasticsearch and Kibana
  • Self-­awareness and a desire to continually improve

What we are building?

We're developing a new branch of data analytics called "Competitive Heatmap Analysis" that lets anyone have access to heatmap data of any web page on the internet

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