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What is Seotify?

Seotify is much more than just analytics. From keyword research, and competitive website analysis to content writing,
it helps you with every aspect of online marketing in one platform.

Competitive Heatmap Analysis

Discover how visitors use your and your competition's website, learn from their optimization methods, compare and improve your conversion.


Keyword Intelligence

Explore profitable and low competition keywords, discover their difficulty and reveal competitors.


Website Traffic and Engagement Analysis

Sneak peek into your competition's traffic and engagement data.
Explore their traffic sources and visitor demographics.

Power up your content with AI

Word Assistant's artificial intelligence powered algorithm scans through the internet and analyses news articles and blog posts in real time. Then extracts key points, important events and feeds you with new angles in an organized way as you continue your writing. So you never get distracted and waste precious time browsing through the tabs to see other people's point of view.