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The days of traditional heatmap are over!

For over a decade, Business Intelligence Professionals relied on external libraries and traditional methods to get insight to their website. We invented Competitive Heatmap Analysis to change this. Sneak peek into any website's heatmap data in an instant, get actionable insights in seconds.

Web Sites


Click Events

Answer Questions Like;

Why people use my competitor's services and products?

Where should I place my ads online?

Do my competitors convert better than me?

What can I learn from my competitors' content strategy?

How visitors use my or my competition's website?

What can I learn from my competitors' CR strategy?

How can my website convert better than my competition?

How can I find businesses that convert poorly?

What my competitors sell on special days and holidays?

Competitive Heatmap Analysis lets you;

Get insights into your competitors' conversion strategies

Avoid external plugins

Track any website's heatmap data

Get daily activity reports on websites you track


We built CHA for industries that thrive on data

A brand new branch of web analytics to empower businesses to make better decisions and unlock new opportunities.


Have a clear understanding of what people do online and discover their browsing habits.

Find top converting spots and launch winner ad campaigns.

Know exactly where visitors click on targeted websites.


Discover your competition's top selling items.

Gain insight into their strategies and campaigns.

Explore what categories and products tend to sell best on special days and holidays.

Sales & Marketing

Discover poorly converting businesses to generate leads.

Skyrocket conversions by exploring what works for your competition.

Generate the insights you need to perfect your pitch.


Track your clients' heatmap without installing heavy plugins that slow down the website, and affect your SEO performance negativaly.

Uncover the best SEO and affiliate content strategies.

Data analysis you never thought possible, solving problems you didn't know you had.

Join 12000 companies that are already powering their businesses with Competitive Heatmap Analysis.

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