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Explore most used anchor texts of your competition, discover their weaknesses and strengths.


Header Status

Have access to HTTP header status of all the pages belonging to a website. Find redirects and eliminate broken links.


Manipulate your data

Feature rich data tables put you back in control so you can see what’s going on at a glance, query and sort through your data easily.

Referring URL Target URL Anchor Text HTTP status Code
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seotify.com/ https://seotify.com/contact.php Contact 200
seotify.com/ https://seotify.com/about.php About 200
seotify.com/ https://seotify.com/pricing.php Pricing 200
seotify.com/ https://seotify.com/faq/ Frequently Asked Questions 200
seotify.com/ https://seotify.com/blog/ Blog 200
seotify.com/ https://seotify.com/index.php 200
seotify.com/ https://seotify.com/login.php Log in 200
seotify.com/ https://seotify.com/signup.php Sign up 200
seotify.com/ https://seotify.com/solutions/internal-link-mapping.php Internal Link Mapping 200
seotify.com/ https://seotify.com/elf-words/ Elf Words 200
seotify.com/contact.php https://seotify.com/legal/terms.html Terms of Service 404
seotify.com/contact.php https://seotify.com/sitemap.html Sitemap 200
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seotify.com/blog/ https://seotify.com/blog/articles/rolling-out-3-new-features-for-the-cognitive-intelligence.html Rolling out 3 new features for the Cognitive Intelligence! Product Updates November 21, 2017 200
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seotify.com/archive-opener/ https://seotify.com/archive-opener/Contact.php Contact 404
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seotify.com/solutions/internal-link-mapping.php https://seotify.com/solutions/page-contact.html Contact 404
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seotify.com/blog/articles/beefing-up-the-word-assistant-with-new-features.html https://seotify.com/cognitive-telligence Word Assistant 404

Frequently Asked Questions

Got a question about our Internal Link Mapping tool? We've got answers. Alternatively, you could visit our general FAQ page if you've got some other questions.

How can I map the internal link architecture of a website?

Internal link architecture mapping is an on demand solution and its a part of our Site Explorer app. The second when you search for a domain name or URL, SeotifyBot automatically starts mapping the internal link structure. That's completely an automated process and there isn't anything else you must do.

How long does it take for crawl to end?

Depending on SeotifyBot's workload, number of pages the website has, and its response time, whole process could take anywhere between 2 minutes and 2 hours.

How will I know that the mapping process is completed?

As soon as the mapping process ends, you'll receive a notification email.

Can I access my internal link data later?

All the data is stored on the cloud, reaccessing your data when you need is as easy as querying the Site Explorer.